Our village.

Did you realize that the people in your “inner circle” play an active roll in not only yourself but also your family? I’d never really given it much thought, until I had children that is. Whether it is your blood relatives, the people that might as well be relatives, your neighbor, or your best friend. They are making an impact on your life. 

I don’t know about you but I heavily rely on my phone, but also for  reasons than social media. My camera is filled to the gills with memories. Some good and some not so good, but all very important. We had the pleasure of “finally” celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday party this weekend. It was such a hectic day that I am heavily am relying on the pictures I got to somehow try and piece the party back together in my mind. 

As we are cleaning up (brace yourself), I got pretty choked up. No. Not because she turning another year older, that will actually be on the 26th so I’ll save those tears for then. I was emotional at the people I was looking at. Humbled really. That everyone came together to help us celebrate such a special time. Watching all of them interacting with each other, and thinking about the impact they not only have had on me but the impact they have had on our family. Anyone that tells you they do it alone, is crazy. There is someone out there helping you, whether you realize it yet or not. A teacher that is investing herself into your child to grow and learn, a coach, a cousin, a friend, an uncle, an aunt, a grandparent, some one out there is investing time in your family. I think of it as a village. All of the people in our village are helping us, whether they know it or not.

–Our village is helping us raise our children. I’m not talking about the lesson’s learned, I am talking about the relationships. The relationship with the ones that we love. I can’t begin to even think about doing it all on my own. It wouldn’t be possible. There is no way I would ever be able to do it. The things we are learning by the love we are experiencing is so valuable. Something that truly can’t be bought. To the people that are apart of our village, Thank you. Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us, and loving us. The next time you see someone that is apart of your village, reach out and give them a great big hug, because they are giving you more than you could ever imagine. 


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